BIC. Type Treatment & Motion Concepts. (by Leandro Lima)


Gridiron typeface (by Non-Format)

BCN TYPE (by Simon Prades)

I wanted to combine 3 things I really love in this project: architectual drawing, typography and the city of Barcelona (which is the hometown of my ancestors).
The grid of the quarter around Sagrada familia consist of square blocks, which are very similar in height and size and represent the Architecture of the city very good in my opinion. I like the idea, that each block is filled with hundreds of very different lifes and opinions, but looks so calm and similar from above.


Шикарнейший Kickstarter-проект iOS-приложения, которое позволяет сооружать полнофункциональные прототипы тех же самых iOS-приложений из обычных скетчей. Плюс – разные пряники: например, в виде отправки проекта на доработку прямиком в Photoshop.